This survey is designed for those involved in the collection and/or processing of waste lubricant packaging in the New Zealand market.  You may also be involved in the takeback of waste oil.

Purpose:  To establish current capacity for processing lubricant-contaminated HDPE and metal, and to understand future capacity plans and what would be needed to expedite these.


A working group has been established to design a product stewardship solution for lubricant packaging.  In order to design a nationwide solution, we need to understand the capability of the market to collect, process and add value to the end of life products.

The working group's goal is to provide an industry-led solution for the recovery of waste lubricant containers to maximise the embodied resource to its full potential; and to encourage the evolution of the circular economy through active participation and leadership by example.

It aims to address a problematic hazardous packaging material, which is both low value and difficult to handle.  It recognises that with support in the market, the recovered materials can be used by other parties as a valuable circular resource, closing the loop on a material that is currently sent to landfill.


Your confidentiality in completing this survey is assured.

This data will only be presented in an aggregated form unless you specifically give us permission not to.  The data will be received by ourselves as the independent project managers.  Any identifiers will be removed before the information is placed into a spreadsheet detailing capability.

We thank you for your participation.

If you have any concerns, please feel free to phone me.

Adele Rose
Chief Executive
3R Group Ltd – Project Managers
021 355 582
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