Discussion Paper

The Code of Practice for the Professional Australian Visual Arts, Craft and Design Sector (the Code) provides a set of best practice, ethical guidelines for the conduct of business between arts practitioners and arts sector employers in the Australian visual arts sector.
The National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA) is currently undertaking a major revision of the Code. There is no chapter on touring in the current Code of Practice. The purpose of this paper is to initiate discussion and feedback that will inform the drafting process for the new Code.

Planning a tour can be a complex logistical process. This paper has been developed by the NAVA team in consultation with Sara Kelly, Laura Curtis and Daniel Savage following consultation meetings hosted in 2020 and 2021 attended by artists, galleries and the various touring networks across Australia. It outlines the issues and conditions involved in travelling exhibitions and looks at the broader project management of touring with the different stakeholders in mind to help develop content for the new Code.

There are eighteen questions in this discussion paper. Please spend some time with this. We want to hear from you. It may take up to 40 minutes to read the notes and consider the issues raised. Please contact NAVA directly in regard to your access needs. We are collecting responses to this discussion paper until 28 February 2022. Please share it with your colleagues and team-mates. 
Thank you for participating in this major revision of the Code. Your feedback is essential to this work.
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