Eventbrite will continue to advocate on behalf of our creator community about the issues that matter to them and their businesses. We will have the biggest impact when we join together. 
Event Organizers: Please share with us which issues and how these policy issues impact you and your business.  These can be issues Eventbrite Advocacy is currently working on today - or new issues that you would like us to consider working on in the future.  

Eventbrite Advocacy is currently working on:  
  • Safe Gathering: policies that provide infrastructure and resources to help event organizers create safe events such as funding for protective equipment or advocating for Next Generation 9-1-1 technology
  • COVID-19/Economic Recovery: programs that provide assistance to event organizers during challenging times, such as during COVID-19
  • Online Access & Connectivity: legislation that supports reliable, fast, and cost effective online access 
  • Equity & Opportunity: policies that support voter access and registration and programs that provide families with resources during times of crisis and transition.    
Other potential policy issue areas to consider (this is not a complete list but just ideas to get your thoughts going): data privacy, rules governing online ticket sales, policies in your local community, etc. 

Event attendees: Please share with us how events have helped you and your community. 

We will use your stories and feedback to help determine which policies to prioritize. We may follow up with you directly with additional questions.

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* 2. Share your story: which policies issues most impact you and your business?  How have these issues impacted you? What do you want lawmakers to know?

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