6% of survey complete.
The Brain Injury Association of North Bay and Area ("BIANBA") has developed this survey in an effort to better understand the challenges facing unpaid caregivers of ABI (Acquired Brain Injury) survivors living in North Bay and Area. This survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete, and will provide us with valuable insight. BIANBA will use this information to determine our focus and direction moving forward.

We have also developed a survey for survivors who are suffering from the lasting effects of ABIs. If you care for an ABI survivor who is unable to complete the Survivor survey themselves, we invite you to do so on their behalf. A survey for paid Professionals who treat and provide care for ABI survivors is currently being developed, and will be released in the near future.

At the end of this survey, you will be asked if BIANBA can contact you to discuss your responses (if we need clarification). You will be given the option to have your responses remain anonymous. Please be assured that BIANBA will respect your privacy, regardless of how you answer this question. BIANBA will not share individual responses or contact information with any other agencies, associations or individuals. The information we gather from these survey responses will only be shared with other agencies, associations or individuals in the collective, to highlight areas of need.