Credit Union Leaders Association (CULA) Conference/Networking Event Survey

1.How likely are you to attend a CULA in-person event in the next 12 months?
2.How likely are you to sponsor a CULA in-person event in the next 12 months?
3.While there are many current topics impacting Leadership at our Credit Unions, what of these themes resonate interest for your Credit Union?
4.What duration would your Credit Union support in consideration of sending an attendee?
5.What location suits your travel needs or the needs of your team?
6.What is the best time of year to support attendance for your Credit Union around other priorities?
7.What is the ideal number of team members you would support at the same time to attend the event?
8.Are there any barriers to supporting/attending? 
9.What else do you want the CULA board to know that would assist in building a post Covid networking/education event? Eg.  Price point, lead time to event, theme etc.?
10.Please provide your name and email address if you are interested in recieving updates on a potential CULA Conference/Networking event in the near future
Current Progress,
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