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Introduction to Consensus Standards for Commercial Diving and Underwater Operations -- 6th Edition

Table of Contents

There has been a general review of the Table of Contents governing how the 6th Edition is organized with an effort to make the document more user friendly. Finding information is an important function of the Table of Contents, and to that end the information listed under the various sections has been carefully selected so that there is neither unnecessary redundancy, nor misplaced categories.
In addition, consistency has been achieved by making the presentation of the information the same for each prospective category. For example, the qualification section for divers has been made consistent from entry level diver/tender on through Saturation Supervisor, making it easier to understand the differences between each level of personnel requirements.
Therefore, when comparing the Table of Contents for the 6th Edition and the 5th Edition there should be significant improvements to the labeling, organization and content as it is presented. For general reference see below:

5th Edition
1. General Provisions
2. Personnel Requirements
3. Commercial Diver, ROV Personnel and Diver Medical Technician Certification
4. Operations Procedures
5. Equipment and Systems
6. Remote Operated Vehicles
7. Dynamic Positioned Vessel Diving Systems and Operations
8. Minimum Rest Hour Policy
9. Accident Reporting
10. Pressure Vessels for Human Occupancy
11. Handling Systems
12. Commercial Diving in Potable Water Facilities
13. High Pressure Water Blasting
14. DOT: USCG Commercial Diving Operations-General Provisions
15. OSHA Commercial Diving Standards
16. Glossary

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