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The Advisory Board of the Sensors Converge 2023 Show invites you to submit speaking proposals for the event’s conference, scheduled June 20-22,2023 in Santa Clara, CA.
We encourage proposals from thought-leaders with deep technical, business, and practical expertise in sensor design, development, and commercialization.
We are accepting relevant proposals that may involve, but are not limited to, the following topics:
Technology & Innovation
  • 5G Connectivity
  • Embedded Technology
  • Industrial and Environmental Sensing
  • Intelligent Sensing (MEMS, Smart Sensors, AI/ML Sensor Fusion)
  • IoT and Wireless Technology
  • Camera/Image/LiDAR/Optical/Radar Sensors
  • Security
Processes, Control & Development
  • Connected Devices
  • Energy Harvesting and Power Management
  • Instrumentation
  • Interoperability & Standards
  • Multi-Sensor Fusion/Integration
  • Test & Measurement
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive/AutoTech
  • Autonomous Technologies (AVs, Drones, Robotics)
  • Climate tech
  • Defense/Aerospace
  • Energy
  • Industrial IoT
  • Marine
  • MedTech
  • Smart Buildings, Homes and Cities
  • Space
  • Wearables

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We will be accepting speaking proposals for any of these session types/formats — these formats will all be present on program.
  •  Keynotes (thought leadership or case study)
  •  Fireside Chats
  •  Panel Discussions (must include information about your     panelists)
  •  Workshops
  •  Technical
  •   Lightning Talks
  • · Ask the speaker
Workshops – 4 Hours (non-product)
Workshops are intensive 4-hour sessions encouraging attendees to explore topics with greater depth and breadth. Workshops are held on Monday, June 20th, 2023. In your CFS submission, please provide an outline of how the 4-hour session will progress. It is advised that workshops should be presented by more than one person, if possible.

Technical Presentations – 30-45 Minutes
Technical presentations are more in-depth session explaining a new technology and its implications. Time for Q&A from attendees should be included in the time frame.
Lightning Talks – 10-15-Minutes
Lightning Talks are individual 15-minute presentations explaining recent innovations, research, and findings. 3 individual talks will be grouped together by topic, followed by a short Q&A  and set up in one-hour blocks.

Panel Discussions – 45-60 Minutes
Panel discussions provide an analysis of broad industry trends from a variety of angles. These discussions will begin with the moderator providing an overview of the topic, then each panelist will give a short introduction to themselves and their area of topic expertise. The moderator will then move to open discussion with prepared questions and questions from the attendees. If you propose a panel discussion, be prepared to serve as moderator and invite speakers from around the industry. A list of prospective speakers or speaker companies should be included in the proposal.

Fireside Chats – 30-45 Minutes
Fireside Chats will include a moderator seated on stage with a speaker who will be interviewed to allow the conversation to flow natural. In your proposal please include topic, moderator and speaker information.

Ask the Speaker – 30 Minutes
Ask the Speaker session will begin with like a traditional presentation where speaker presents for 10 minutes on a particular topic. For the remainder of the session, the presenter becomes a facilitator, inviting comments, insights, and questions from those around the room. These sessions will allow attendees to drive their own learning. Speaker must be prepared to take questions for an extended period.

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