For 103 years, Emmanuel Baptist Church has always valued the opinions of our members. Our members are our strength, and our future growth is directly connected to what each member thinks. Where do we go as a church family from here? What should the church be doing to excite and invigorate our congregation and move us into the next 103 years? Your opinion counts, and this survey is designed to give each member a platform to speak and to be heard. Please thoughtfully and prayerfully submit your thoughts to help our church grow. Thank you!

                        Please place a check in the circle that corresponds with your level of agreement.
                                Strongly Disagree = 1      Disagree = 5           Strongly Agree = 10

* 1. Overall, I am satisfied as a member of Emmanuel Baptist Church

* 2. Do you feel Emmanuel cares about its members.

* 3. I receive the information I need regarding church projects and decisions.

* 4. The church meets the spiritual needs of its members.

* 5. I feel like I am part of a team helping to fulfill the mission of the church.

* 6. I understand the process of becoming a church volunteer.

* 7. I agree that EBC needs two Sunday services (8:00 am & 10:00 am)

* 8. *Can we grow the church membership and make things better for all?

* 9. Do we make our congregation and visitor’s feel welcome.

* 10. I intend to continue my membership at Emmanuel Baptist Church.

* 11. *Notes: Please explain what you think the church can do to GROW our membership.