* 1. How would you describe yourself?

* 2. How important is the “learning” aspect of the Meetup (1 = least important, 10 = most important)

* 3. There a few different formats we are currently considering. Please rank the formats below in the order you would like to see the group use from first to last. We may use different formats at different meetups depending on the responses and will likely mix and match a bit.

* 4. If you have other suggestions for the meeting format, please let us know here.

* 5. How important is the “Show and Tell” aspect of other Startups to you?

* 6. What areas would you like to learn about at the hardware startup meetup?

* 7. How much networking versus structure would you like to see at the meetup?

* 8. How important is it to you that food and drink is provided? (1 = Not important, 10 = Very important)

* 9. How frequently would you like to see the meetups ?