Phase One

Completing this document is the first formal step in the process for establishing a new Slow Food USA local chapter in your community. Before filling out this form, you should check in with the National Office to see if there is a chapter that already exists in your area or if one is already in the process of forming. To do this, email ​chapters@slowfoodusa.org​ or call 718-260-8000 to get the green light. This first phase of applying to start a chapter is primarily a self-evaluation process to help your leadership team established shared vision for the proposed chapter.

Getting started

The process for setting up a local chapter can take some time and effort, but it should be fun too! The best way to ensure that it is both productive and fun is to work with a team of people who share your passion for spreading the Slow Food message. ​You’ll need a minimum of three people​ committed to serving on your chapter’s leadership team in order to get started. Once you’ve found your teammates, get together (in person and over food is best, of course!) to ​work through answering this form as a group​. To prepare for the meeting, have everyone read through the Slow Food USA Chapter Handbook available online at www.slowfoodusa.org/leader-resources. There are three sections in this form that will help your team to think through your idea to start a Slow Food USA chapter. The primary purpose of completing this form is to get your ideas down on paper. Your ​answers can be of any length​ as long as they fit in the form, every question has a response, and you all agree that the responses capture your ideas.

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