1. Register of Environmental Benefits for Direct Transfer use

Welcome to CL:AIRE's 'Register of Evidence', designed for capturing industries use, or intended use, of the Definition of Waste: Development Industry Code of Practice (CoP). Summarised updates of aggregated data from the Register will be periodically fed back to industry. The information volunteered here will only be used by CL:AIRE and its project steering group, with a view to:

A) increasing the scope of the CoP ; and

B) aid in identifying improvements in the processes and procedures within the Code of Practice and for its general promotion.

* 1. Name of person completing this questionnaire?

* 2. Name of Qualified Person, for which this record relates?

* 3. Please confirm that you have the authority to submit this data that CL:AIRE can use? NB Only records with authority granted can be used in this survey.

* 4. Organisation & Address

* 5. Telephone Number

* 6. E-mail address

* 7. Project Name, to which this record refers?

* 8. Does the data provided in this record relate to:

  Yes No
predicted savings (if work not yet undertaken)
actual savings (if work already undertaken)

* 9. Which scenario of Direct Transfer was used - see Table A1 of the Code of Practive Version 2?

* 10. What was/is the volume of materials reused through the transfer (cubic metres)?

* 11. What have been the cost savings to the project from using the Cluster approach as opposed to traditional 'dig and dump'?

* 12. What was/is the distance to alternative treatment or disposal site that would otherwise have been used (miles)?

* 13. What was/is the total distance that vehicles would otherwise have travelled (miles)?

* 14. Without the CoP, would an alternative source of 'clean' material be required to be imported to the site?

* 15. What is/was the distance to the facility where alternative (non-waste materials) would have been sourced (miles)?

* 16. What is/are the total distance that vehicles would have travelled for the purpose of bringing 'clean' material onto site (miles)?

* 17. Please provide any comments that you believe should be considered in reviewing the CoP?

Thank you for your time spent completing this Register of Evidence and for helping us give the 'Definition of Waste: Development Industry Code of Practice' to support its continued acceptance by Regulators and industry generally.