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The Ask for Health project is aimed at empowering young people's health literacy and access to the health system - We are looking for three LGBTIQA+ young people (12 to 24) to join us in developing the Ask for Health project and ensuring the safe, affirmative, and supportive experience for LGBTIQA+ young people throughout NSW.

The Ask for Health LGBTIQA+ working group is for you if:

  • You're interested in health information being more accessible to LGBTIQA+ young people
  • You’re passionate about LGBTIQA+ young people's voices being heard
  • You'd like the opportunity to learn how to be a better self-advocate and an advocate for LGBTIQA+ young people.
What you would be doing as an Ask for Health LGBTIQA+ young advocate: 
  • With the help of the Youth Action team, you will attend 2 hours of meetings per month with other young advocates (for the duration of 4 months). 
  • During this time you will be reviewing the website with us to ensure there is LGBTIQA+ friendly language and resources. 
  • The meetings will be a safe space where you can advocate for the lived experience of LGBTIQA+ young people when interacting with the health system. 
  • You will be helping co-design peer-to-peer content so that young people will be able to deliver it in a way that is safe and supportive for LGBTIQA+ youth.  
  • Be featured in advocacy photography that will represent your work on the LGBTIQA+ health content which will be featured on the Ask for Health website (this is an opt-in).  
  • A position on the working group will include the remuneration of $30 per hour for meetings and payment for work done outside of the meetings.  

Please answer this short questionnaire and we will get back to you by August 20th to let you know the outcome. Don't be shy, we want to hear from any LGBTIQA+ identifying young person in NSW with any experience of the health system who is willing to advocate for LGBTIQA+ young people’s voices. 

Requirements to apply: 

- Must be between 12 and 24 years old.
- Must be LGBTIQA+ identifying.
- Must be based in NSW.
- Must be available for a 1-hour Zoom meeting per fortnight (suitable time frames for meetings will be worked out with the finalised applicants).

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* 1. Contact information

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* 2. What are your preferred pronouns (if any) and how do you identify (if you feel comfortable sharing)

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* 3. Age bracket

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* 4. What do you think are some of the important health issues for LGBTIQA+ young people in NSW?

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* 5. How, in your experience, are LGBTIQA+ young people in NSW accessing help with their health issues?

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* 6. An opportunity to add anything else:

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