What's In a Name?

“What’s in a name?”  That question by Juliet (Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet) was the same question the DS&O Board of Directors has been discussing the past few months.  And now the Board needs your input.  But before I discuss your input, let me provide some background information.

When DS&O was formed in April 1937 it was originally named Tri-County Electric because it served members in three counties.  Shortly thereafter it was changed to DS&O Electric, in order to better identify those counties (Dickinson, Saline, and Ottawa).

Fast forward from 1937 to today and we see a whole different cooperative.  DS&O has grown well beyond serving members in just those three original counties.  Today we serve members in 11 counties.  That growth, combined with DS&O’s unique status as the first electric cooperative in the state, have led to discussions by the Board and staff about a possible name change for the cooperative.

After vetting the issue for the past few months and discussing the pros and cons, the Board ultimately recommended a name change for DS&O.  At the Annual Meeting in April, which was also DS&O’s 80th birthday, I discussed the issue and explained that the Board will be seeking members’ input on a new name.  A couple weeks after that meeting, the Board finalized the following three new names for consideration:  First Kansas Electric Cooperative, Genesis Energy (“genesis” is defined as the beginning or origin of something), and Primus Energy (“primus” is the Latin word for “first”).

With that in mind, we now need to know your thoughts. This survey asks you to rank the names mentioned above from most to least favorite.  You can also suggest another name for the Board to consider.

The Board will use the survey results to help it ultimately choose a final name for the company.  This name will then be presented to all members for a vote.  We have not finalized when that vote will take place, but it may be as soon as this coming fall.

If the name change is approved by the members, then we anticipate we would operate under both the old and new names for a limited time.  This would allow us to use existing letterhead, envelopes, and such until supplies are exhausted.

We do ask that you please participate in the survey, even if you don’t care what we call the company.  And while Juliet eloquently expressed her indifference by declaring, “That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” you can just mark “No Preference” when ranking the names.

Thank you for participating in our survey. Your feedback is important.

Timothy J. Power, CEO

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