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The Daniel B. Niederlander Award was established in 1975, in honor of Niederlander (1895-1964), a former History Museum president, businessman, and dedicated civic leader. The award is presented to a local education, cultural or heritage organization for outstanding programming.

The following criteria should guide you in the nomination of organizations:

· The organization’s overall program for the year must be of high caliber. The award should not be given for a particular event.

· Services should be directed at the entire population of the town, village, or other geographical area described in its charter.

· Particular value will be placed on service rendered to youth.

· Although occupation of a permanent headquarters need not be a prerequisite, the maintenance of extended hours of service at a permanent or temporary headquarters is a factor in service to the community.

· Extensive involvement of volunteers should be emphasized and given special consideration.

· Interpretive programs, research and reference services should be equally weighed. 

· Participation in county, area, state and national historical activity. 

Nominees are not to be told they are under consideration.

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* 1. Nominee Contact Information

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* 2. Organization mission/vision statement.

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* 3. Year organization was founded.

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* 4. Describe the role(s), if any, that volunteers serve at the organization. 

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* 5. Does the organization operate in a permanent headquarters?

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* 6. Does the organization offer public programs, research or reference services? Please describe the services offered to the community by the organization. 

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* 7. Your Contact Information (in case we have questions about your nomination)

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