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* 1. Do you believe that you can operate from a place of peace and stillness and be successful monetarily?

* 2. How important is it to you to feel peaceful with regards to your business?

* 3. Rate the level of peace you have around your current business or starting a business. Inner peace may vary from day to day so try to think about how you have felt over the past month. (choose one response that most closely matches your situation over the past month)

* 4. What if anything, keeps you from being a peaceful entrepreneur most of the time?
Check those which seem to have the biggest impact on you:

* 5. How often do you lie awake at night worrying about your business in some way?

* 6. How often do you procrastinate doing something because you are not sure how it will turn out or how much response you will get?

* 7. How often do you take time to get quiet and centered?

* 8. How often do you make decisions from a place of peaceful confidence versus urgency, should or desperation?

* 9. What would help you to be a more peaceful entrepreneur?
Check those that are most important to you

* 10. Which of these programs would you be most interested in learning about to support you in becoming a more peaceful entrepreneur. Rank in order of preference.

  First Choice Second Choice Third Choice Fourth Choice Fifth Choice Sixth Choice Seventh Choice
Individual Peaceful Entrepreneur platinum coaching including an in-person day long retreat with just me and Stacey to create my BIG YES plan for my business. (1 slot opening in June)
Peaceful & Successful Entrepreneur Retreat – spend 2-3 days with Stacey and like minded entrepreneurs in a peaceful retreat setting, clearing blocks, raising energy and gaining expert and mastermind input and strategies for shifting my business to a peaceful and prosperous one in alignment with my dreams and goals.
Online Peaceful Entrepreneur mastermind program – telephone mastermind support for running my business and my life from a place of peace with Stacey and group of peers.
Video or Online Program – video, audio or live online lessons on how to become a more peaceful entrepreneur along with ability to ask questions.
Life Transformation Tools & More– self study program with a new tool each month to help clear the blocks, doubts and fears in the way of being true to my self and my business.
The Peaceful Entrepreneur Book


* 12. Do you currently have your own business?

* 13. If yes, choose one answer that best describes your business:(if no, skip this question)

* 14. How long have you been in business? ( if not in business yet, skip this question)

* 15. If currently in business, what are your annual sales? ( if not in business yet, skip this question)

* 16. If not in business, do you plan to start your own business?

* 17. When do you plan to start your business? ( if currently in business, skip this question)

* 18. Your Name (optional):

* 19. Your email address (optional)