Parenting Questionnaire

We wish Shetland's children to have the best opportunities in life and in order to achieve this we are looking to support parents in doing a very worthwhile job.  Some people would refer to being a parent as the hardest job in life but also by far the most rewarding.  Research shows us that children who have good early experiences of family care, love, nurture, stimulation, etc, grow up to be healthy, achieving individuals and this should be every parent's aspiration for their child.  Bringing up children is a very enjoyable experience but it can bring many challenges along the way and it is vital we get the views of parents as to what would help them do the job.  Hearing what parents would benefit from will help us target support services to assist every child in having the best possible opportunity and help their parents overcome any barriers to enjoying the experience of bringing up their children.
Tell us about the support you've had and want to see in the future by answering the questions on the following pages.
Thank you for your help!