1. 5 Questions about shopping fashion and clothes in secondlife and real life

This survey is started with the 6th Secondlife birthday in June 2009.
Fashion designer Freda Fredriksson is running an exhibition about the advantages of using virtual worlds for product presentation, testing and selling.

The survey will help to get the interest about this theme and catch some wishes of potential customers.

* 1. Do you use online shopping yet (clothes, books, whatever....)

* 2. Do you love shopping for clothes?

* 3. Have you spent real money in secondlife for clothing items?

* 4. Do you own items in secondlife you would love to have in real life, too if they were available?

* 5. How long would you accept to wait for the delivery of a real item ordered in a virtual world?

* 6. Thank you very much for your time, your help is highly appreciated,

Kindest regards from Freda Fredriksson