1. We need your help.

Sometimes I feel that we get comfortable with what we do here and miss opportunities to be better. By getting constructive feedback from our most important person, you, maybe we can make a good office better.

I would really appreciate your feedback. Please fill out the survey below and get it back to me as soon as possible.

Thank you for allowing us to help you,

Dr. Hunt

* 1. Did the service meet your expectations?

* 2. Have you ever been to another chiropractor

* 3. Please check the boxes of the services that we provide at Midwest Multicare

* 4. To what degree of confidence did/do you have in the knowledge/professionalism of the team member who provided the care.

* 5. How did your care here compare to what you feel is ideal?

* 6. Have you experienced any messages left at the office that did not get a return call

* 7. Have you ever had any non chiropractic challenges that we have helped with?

* 8. Regarding the above question: is there anything that we could improve on to help with any challenges?

* 9. Overall, how are we meeting your expectations of a health care office?

* 10. What can we do to make Midwest Multicare the office that others compare to?