Hard Work and Health

A Needs Assessment for Students and Workers in the Arts, Entertainment, Service Industries and Cash Economies

Howard Brown Health and ally organizations are conducting this Community Health Needs Assessment survey to better understand the health concerns of people with nontraditional schedules and/or work environments.
We invite people whose livelihood is derived from dance, arts, food/beverage, hospitality, performance and other forms entertainment; fitness, training, massage, and beauty services; adult part-time and full-time students; and people working in other service industries to please complete this survey to identify unmet healthcare and prevention needs.   People with nontraditional work and schedules may have unique needs and challenges regarding their health and wellness.   

This survey is completely voluntary, anonymous and confidential.   The information obtained from the survey will be used in the development of an action plan to make healthcare more accessible and responsive of everyone’s needs. 

Thank you for your assistance!