* 1. What do you feel are the most important priorities to consider when allocating NCC funding?
(Rank the options in order of priority 1-9 or 10 if using other.)

* 2. Is there a particular population segment we should aim to reach through public funding of cultural projects? (Rank the options in order of priority 1-8 or 9 if using other.)

* 3. Which of the programs do you believe the NCC should continue to support?

* 4. Did you attend any of the NCC supported programs?

* 5. How have you heard about NCC programs in the past?

* 6. Do you think there is a historal educational interest that is uniquely oriented to Northbridge and its history that could be served or highlighted by a cultural event, festival, restoration or work of art? If yes, please be specific.

* 7. Are you aware that artists, schools and community groups can apply for grants from the NCC funds?

* 8. Do you have an interest in education related projects in Northbridge? If so, what would they be? Please be as specific if possible.

* 9. If affiliated with a cultural organization, what are the most significant challenges you (your organization) expect to be facing in the next year?

* 10. Is there an unmet public cultural interest in the community that could be served through a collaborative effort by more than on group? If yes, please be specific.