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Participant information sheet:
Study title: The type of illegal drugs and frequency most frequently used amongst first year college students in Ireland.
What is the purpose of this study: The aim of this study is to refine and outline the most commonly used type of illegal drug in Ireland. More specially amongst young people in first year in college. We will also be investigating the frequency of each illegal drug by the chosen participants to give us as a clearer view of the statistics of the factors influencing the use and potential misuse of illegal drugs.
Why this study is important: We believe this study is important as we are aware the use of illegal drugs amongst young people in Ireland is ever so rapidly becoming a worrying problem in our society. The effects of the problem could be devastating for individuals and we would like to try and promote awareness where possible. Our research will help us in doing so as it will help us target exactly what the biggest problem is and give us insight a to how to minimize it.
Why you have been chosen: We have chosen a sample of student that fall into the bracket that fits our brief. This being students in first year university in colleges over Ireland.
What you as a participant will be asked to do: As a participant you have the power to either accept or reject participating in this study. I do ask that you fully read and understand the purpose of the study and give the research thought before making a final decision. If you decide to give consent and accept to participate in the study, you will be asked to thoroughly read and understand this participant information sheet and then read and sign a consent form. My team and I have created a survey with a list of research questions to help us with our study and therefore we will ask you to fill out and answer each question honestly and anonymously. This will take roughly 1-2 minutes.  After you are happy with your answers, we will then take the survey back from you and your data will be used and stored accordingly to assist us in our studies.
How and what data we will collect: We will collect only the information needed for our research and this is all that Is included in our survey. The data will be collected by survey which can be completed online or by a hardcopy format. The survey only takes on average ½ minutes to complete.
The benefits for the participants and for society: On finishing our survey and research there won’t be any necessarily direct benefit for the participant other than the outcome of the result which may help or educate the participant if they are interested. The final result once analysed and presented will give society and insight into the types of illegal drugs most commonly used by young people in the country as well as how often each one is being used. This could benefit society tremendously as we could put in greater effort to help minimize and potentially eliminate certain illegal drugs and their use or availability with young people. We would be able to target audiences with more information about the
The participants rights within the study: As a participant you have the right to give or refuse consent to this study. Your participation is completely voluntary. You also have the option to opt out of the research project at any given time without facing any form of penalisation or consequences. Whether you accept or decile to participate as well as withdraw from the research at any given time will not affect your rights in any way and you will not face any form of repercussion.

Confidentiality: Your identity will remain confidential. A study number will identify you. Your name will not be published or disclosed to anyone outside of the research team.

Participant consent form:
1. I confirm that that I have received and thoroughly read a copy of the participant information sheet for the above study. I understand the study and the purpose and effects and/or risks that may follow.
2. I have taken the time to make my final decision in regard to accepting or declining the offer of taking part in this study.

3.  I understand that I have the right to withdraw from the research at any given time without giving reason and it will not affect my rights in any way. I also have the right to ask any questions I may have.

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