* 1. What is the name of your agency, identify the city and state in which the agency is located. Please let us know what your position with the agency is.

* 2. Please check all that apply

* 3. What authority does your agency have?

* 4. How many paid full and part-time staff does your agency employ? If the agency has paid staff but includes volunteers in critical roles (i.e., commissioners or review board members), please also check the last box.

* 5. Training on CONDUCTING INVESTIGATIONS: Please check all that apply....

* 6. Training on USE OF FORCE Please check all that apply....

* 7. Training on STOPS & ARRESTS Please check all that apply....

* 8. Training on WARRANTS AND WARRANTLESS SEARCHES--Please check all that apply....

* 9. Training on PERFORMANCE AUDITS Please check all that apply....

* 10. Identify and rank the factors which you believe would aid your organization in providing better training

  Not important Somewhat important Very Important Very important N/A
Increased funding for training development
Increased funding for training related travel
More time
Access to training offered to law enforcement
Access to training on-line
Access to training via telephone or internet conferencing
Access to training without the need to travel
Access to training that would give me credit in my area of expertise and training (attorney, auditor, investigator, mediator, oversight practitioner)