Booking Request: Stirling Laneways 2018-19 Season

This 'Booking Request' survey is for use by EXISTING Stirling Laneways Site-holders only. Complete it to register your interest for sites at Stirling Laneways '2018-19 Season'.

Note that submission of a booking request, or past attendance at Stirling Laneways, does not guarantee availability of your requested date(s).
We anticipate that booking requests may exceed site availability, and if so, Waiting Lists will be created and utilised in the lead-up to associated Laneways events.
Laneways is an initiative of the Stirling Business Association, and is supported by the local businesses with a view to create something diverse, and balanced with the existing shops and the Druid Avenue markets that occur on the same day. We consider each Site-holder for suitability accordingly.
The Laneways Committee will consider each booking request and make selections based on several factors including; past engagement, quality/range of product, presentation, uniqueness of offering, timely fee payment, complementary blending (what else is on offer around the area) and fit with the spirit of Stirling Laneways.
Note that the current version of the Site Holder Guidelines is available from the Laneways' website HERE. You should refresh yourself with the details there including cancellation protocol and costs. (There have been recent changes to site fees.)
We look forward to hearing from you...

* 1. Have you been approved as a Site-holder at Stirling Laneways in any previous year?

* 2. What is your business name?