Cazenove Ward Forum and concerns around traffic management

Each ward in Hackney has its own ward forum. These are run by local Councillors and residents as a way to improve the local area together.

Residents attending Cazenove Ward Forum meetings have raised concerns about road safety and traffic management in their ward. Some actions have been taken as a direct result of this, including the introduction of a Park and Stride scheme providing parents with places to park slightly away from schools during school drop off and pick up times to help ease congestion, and better crossing facilities on Cazenove Road.

However, Councillors feel that there is the appetite locally for more substantial traffic management changes. This led to them asking that a representative of the relevant area of the Council attend the Ward Forum in March. This would be to advise residents on changes which may be possible, and the advantages and disadvantages that these could have. This would help inform a discussion amongst residents as to the potentially achieveable changes that they would most like to see.

In the current financial climate it is not be possible to make road management changes across the whole Cazenove Ward. Councillors and Officers therefore agreed that focus should be given to three roads - Kyverdale, Alkham and Osbaldeston between Cazenove and Northwold Roads - which Councillors felt contained the most issues.