To pay or not to pay?

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Are you a studio? A producer? A musician? A singer? A record label? Or even a member of the public? I want your opinion. Do you think studios and/or producers should work for nothing? If so, in what circumstances? Here's your chance to voice your opinions.

There's a lot of bad vibes created out of expectation. Whether you are for it or against it, it's time this was addressed - hopefully with some positive results!

Thank you for participating. I'll be posting some results and stats in the near future. Please add your name and an email address in the final question comment box to receive updates and keep in touch. Cheers.

* 1. Do you work in the music industry?

* 2. If yes, do you work full or part time in music?

* 3. What is your job/occupation? (in music and/or other) The next one's the big one!

* 4. Do you believe any of the following services/skills should be provided for no fees?
Please answer with yes no or sometimes.
There will be the opportunity to elaborate on the next question.

* 5. If you answered 'YES'  or 'SOMETIMES' to any services on the previous question, please state which, with a short reason why.
If you answered 'NO', please state which and why not.

* 6. Are there ANY circumstances in which you think any of the services mentioned could/should be provided for free? Please state which, and in what circumstances, or say 'NONE'.

* 7. Do you know what a 'Production Deal'/'Production Agreement' is? If no, or not sure, this article explains it pretty well: (half way down explains this type of agreement)

* 8. Do you think that given the producer (or production company) invests a lot of time, assets and sometimes money, into a project, that he/she should be entitled to a cut of any rewards should the artist become successful?

* 9. If you have anything to add to your reasons for your choice in Q8, and especially if choosing (c) or (d) please elaborate here.

* 10. Would you enter into a production deal? (See comment box below too - and please add your email address here to stay in touch and for more on this subject.)