The Kenton Women's Village (KWV), previously known as the POD Village, is a limited duration pilot project approved by the Kenton neighborhood for up to 14 homeless female-identified people to each house a micro-housing sleeping pod designed by local architecture firms on a transitional basis in a village-style community with oversight and ongoing support from a contracted non-profit, Catholic Charities.
The KWV, which launched in June of 2017, currently has neighborhood approval for one year. While the city-owned land used for the KWV remains under contract to be sold to Transition Projects Inc (TPI) to build low-income housing, that development is running about 6 months behind schedule, allowing the opportunity for the KWV to extend its operation. 

However, before finalizing plans to go past the current June closing date, project organizers for the KWV have vowed to only continue on with Kenton neighborhood support.

The KNA Board unanimously voted to refer the question of extending the Kenton Women’s Village beyond the initial one-year duration to a neighborhood vote at the next General Meeting on June 13 from 6-8pm at DISJECTA (8371 N Interstate Ave). 

Any neighbor that meets eligibility requirements under the KNA bylaws (18 and over and lives, leases, rents and/or owns any real property within Kenton) will be eligible to vote during the meeting. 

Please provide feedback about the KWV to the KNA through this survey.
More information can be found at
For questions, please contact the KNA Chair Tyler Roppe at 503-558-5628 or

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