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* 1.

What is your company name?

* 2.

What is your company's vision?

* 3.

What difference will fulfilling the company's vision make in the lives of customers?

* 4.

What is the company's mission?

* 5.

What currently prevents an incumbent, one or more, in the market from fulfilling your company's mission?

* 6.

What is the company's core competence?

* 7.

Why does your company's core competence add value in the market?  Who cares about your core competence and why?

* 8.

What are the values of the company?

* 9.

What are the values of the individuals on the management team and how do the actions and behaviors of the management team demonstrate those values within and outside the company?

* 10.

What is the company's strategy to attract and retain customers?