During his State of the City speech on February 2, Mayor Kasim Reed announced his plans to pursue a one-tenth of a penny sales tax, or SPLOST, for dedicated arts funding.

The sales tax must be approved by City of Atlanta voters. Mayor Reed will seek approval from the Georgia General Assembly during its current legislative session to place the sales tax on the November ballot. Following approval from the state legislature, the Reed Administration will present a full proposal for the SPLOST to the public.

Mayor Reed expressed his desire to hear from arts organizations, artists and other interested parties in how these funds could most effectively be deployed within the city. Please provide feedback by responding to the questionnaire below.

* 1. Are you in favor of one-tenth of a penny sales tax for dedicated arts funding?

* 2. Should an organization’s budget be a determining factor in its eligibility to receive funding?  If so, how?

* 3. Do you believe individual artists should be eligible for funding consideration?

* 4. Should funding be allocated based on a competitive adjudication process or a formula process?

* 5. If the sales tax passes, who should administer the funds, the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs or an independent entity?

* 6. Who should get the funds?  Existing Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs recipients or an expanded list?

* 7. If you think it should be an expanded list, then who should the funds be expanded to? (optional)

* 8. How should the funds be used, restricted or unrestricted? 

* 9. What are the most important criteria for funds?

* 10. First Name (optional)

* 11. Last Name (optional)

* 12. Email (optional)

* 13. Zip Code (optional)

* 14. Are you with an Organization or are you an Artist?  (optional)

* 15. Additional Feedback (optional)