Australasian Supply Chain Institute (ASCI) is pleased to announce the return of its prestigious industry awards for supply chain excellence, celebrated within the peak gathering of supply chain leaders at the annual conference – ASCI2021.

Join us on the evening of 23 February 2021 at the William Inglis Hotel, Western Sydney, to celebrate outstanding delivery in supply chain and logistics by Australian-based companies and organisations at this highly anticipated annual event.

Winners will enjoy esteemed recognition among their peers, customers and competitors. 

Assessment of the submissions will consider:

a. Relevance to the awards criteria
b. Evidence of achievement with regard to attaining stated objectives
c. Innovation and/or use of unique concepts
d. Level of benefits or contribution to the organisation involved, the industry, the economy and/or the environment
e. Criteria including practices, speed, communication, integration and execution.

Submissions in the file upload section should be approximately 1,000 words or four pages with emphasis on challenges, solutions and results.

Further file submissions including videos, spreadsheets or reports can be submitted in additional files and are not compulsory,  but if provided, hyperlinks are best.

Supply Chain Leaders Award
This award recognises an individual who has provided an outstanding contribution to the profession of supply chain management in Australia.

Judges will be looking for individuals who have made wider contribution to the supply chain community; their demonstrated experience as a supply chain practitioner and their leadership impact with demonstrated capacity to drive change for the better including promoting supply chain professionalisation with governments, industry bodies.

If you would like to submit a nomination for the Supply Chain Leaders please request the Application Form from This is a separate submission process. 

Confidentiality clause  
All materials supplied by companies in support of their nomination will be treated in confidence by the organisers and judges of the ASCI Awards and will not be provided to any other parties.

Submission deadline is 3o November 2020!

Question Title

* 1. Which award category would you like to enter? (You may enter more than one category however, this must take place in separate submissions via separate devices)