Business/Arts invites you to nominate a business organization that has strengthened arts and culture in Canada through its long-standing support of and commitment to the sector.

The winner of the Corporate Champion of the Arts Award will receive the award at the 2020 Business/Arts Awards Gala in Toronto.

Additional details of eligibility, selection criteria and jury process can be found HERE.
Nomination deadline is February 28 2020 at 5pm ET

Nominee Information

Information about the business organization you are nominating for this award

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Nominator Information 

Information about the arts or business organization making the nomination

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To Complete This Nomination...

All documents must be submitted electronically (with signatures from all required parties). Please note that you may not exceed 16 MB per upload. 

1). A nomination letter (500 words max) that explicitly outlines how the business organization has strengthened arts and culture in Canada through its long-standing support of and commitment to the sector.

The letter should provide specific examples to support how the nominee has demonstrated the following:
  • Scope, quality and originality of the nominee’s programming or involvement with arts and culture
  • Impact on both arts and culture and the community
  • Program innovation and/or outstanding business practices
  • Cultivated long-term and successful relationships and partnerships within the community
  • Created greater awareness and significantly improved the community with measurable results
  • Has a long-term vision for continued growth and impact
2). A one-page company profile of the nominated business organization (can be submitted in English and/or French)

3). A colour logo for the business organization and up to five (5) photos that showcase the nominees success (logo should be jpeg/png files and photos should be at least 1500 pixels wide).


5). Letters of endorsement from third parties. Maximum of 3 letters (500 words max/letter)

Endorsements may be made by:  Executive staff and Board members of arts organizations and business associates