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Amherst College Dining Services prepares Kosher for Passover meals under the supervision of Jewish Religious Advisor Rabbi Bruce Bromberg Seltzer.

This year we are serving Passover meals on campus for all eight days, arranging home hospitality for First Seder (the end of the first day of classes after break) and hosting a Second Seder on campus.

To make sure we prepare the proper amount of food and help you get to Seder, please fill out this survey as completely as you can before you leave on Spring Break. If you know your plans, let us know now so we can plan ahead.

If you have a Jewish friend who did not get this email, you may forward them this survey link (make sure they contact Rabbi Bruce at bbseltzer@amherst.edu to be added to our list of Jewish students. They also can check off the box at the end of the survey.

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