We value our work with partnership schools very highly and look to identify and share best practice. With this aim, the following questions ask you about key aspects of your school based Computing and ICT training day.

Your responses are highly valued and the questionnaire should take less than 5 minutes to complete. Please ensure any additional comments you provide are constructive.

Many thanks for your time in completing this survey.

* 3. How good was your Computing Day in:

  Poor Satisfactory Good Very Good Excellent
Raising your awareness of how to embed technology in the curriculum?
Helping you to see how you might use technology to support your teaching and consolidate pupils' learning?
Developing your subject knowledge, pedagogy and awareness of what children are able to achieve in a high resource setting?

* 4. Please indicate which elements of the day were of particular use and why?

* 5. Please explain which elements of the day (if any) could have been improved.
Please state the reason(s) why if so.