Thank you for your efforts to provide recycling at your special event. DEEP is required to report usage and recycling statistics to Keep America Beautiful as part of their grant agrement. Please take 5 minutes to report usage and recycling data after your special event.

Info you will need to complete this survey:

Bin Lender
Event Name
Event Location
Event Date
Type of Event (ag, downtown, music/art, etc.)
Duration of Event (in hours)
Estimated # Attendees
# Clear Stream bins used
# bags of recyclables (bottles and cans) generated
TOTAL weight of bottles and cans collected
Feedback on lending program, how the bins held up, what you might do differently next time, promotion of bin usage, etc.

* 3. What date was the event held? (Please respond in MM/DD/YYYY format).

* 4. Please enter the following information:

* 5. What was the duration of the event (in hours)?

* 6. What was the estimated number of attendees? If a range, please provide average.

* 7. What was the number of Clear Stream bins borrowed and used (whole number)?

* 8. What was the number of bags of recyclables (bottles and cans) generated at the event (whole number)?

* 9. What is the estimated TOTAL weight (in pounds) of recyclables (bottles and cans) collected at the event? Please use a volume to weight conversion factor such as 7 pounds for a 45 gallon bag of plastic bottles and cans. Conversion factor source: EPA Wastewise

* 10. Did you receive any revenue from the sale of your recyclables?

* 11. Please provide feedback on the bin lending program. Any thoughts on how we can improve the bin lending program? How did the bins hold up? What type of promotion did you use to encourage use of the bins? What might you do differently next time?