CloudStack 3.0 Beta Survey

Please complete the following survey so that we may address any concerns you may have with the CloudStack 3.0. For all participants that supply a complete survey response and file at least one bug on you will receive a limited edition Acton 3.0 Beta t-shirt.

* 1. Please provide your contact details so we may follow-up if necessary and send you our beta tester t-shirt.

* 2. Do you have a CloudStack support contract?

* 3. Which OS did you install the CloudStack management server on?

* 4. Which hypervisors did you test with the CloudStack 3.0 beta? (Check all that apply)

* 5. Which type of install method did you follow?

* 6. Which features in the CloudStack beta did you test?

* 7. Compared to the previous versions of CloudStack how do you perceive the UI?

* 8. How do you perceive the quality and stability of CloudStack 3.0 (given that it's a beta)?

* 9. Did you file any bugs or feature requests as a result of your beta test via