Visitors to Kapiti Island are not seeing us at our best

Kapiti Island is our Treasure / Taonga of the Kapiti Coast.
Two business operators are taking thousands of visitors per year to the Island (over 10,000 last season).  
The Department of Conservation want to increase numbers significantly, maximum allowable annual visitor permits for Kapiti Island is 31,000*. Department Of Conservation have increased budgets and stated policy  " Investigate the feasibility of establishing a gateway centre/visitor facility at Paraparaumu to enhance visitor experience and help to optimise biosecurity practices on Kāpiti and Mana islands"
KCDC have presented three options for the Maclean Park Re-Development Plan to the community.  This brought to light the proposal to spend up to $20 million dollars on a grand scheme for the boating club and associated land to develop into a Kapiti Island Visitor / Bio Security Hub.
Instead of spending 20 million dollars, couldn't our local community and businesses support a smaller scheme?  That is fit for purpose NOW, and could be expanded as need arises???  Surely with the right approach and with  funding from the Department of Conservation there could be a community supported initiative, to design and build a Visitor / Bio Security Hub sooner rather than later?
We need to have a place to welcome our visitors, to share information, and to carry out the important Bio Security checks required by Department of Conservation that protect our Treasure/Taonga - Kapiti Island
We want to know what you think?  Please tell us it is important to our community
* from the Kapiti Visitor Attraction Strategy (2015-2020) prepared by Destination Planning Ltd

* 1. Have you, your friends, or family traveled to Kapiti Island with one of our two tour operators in the last 2 years?

* 2. When you, your friends or family arrived at Paraparaumu Beach, where did you go to check in???

* 3. How do you, your friends or family have your bags checked for Bio Security regulations?

* 4. Do you have a business in the Paraparaumu Beach area

* 5. Will your business benefit from more overseas and local visitors to Kapiti Island?

* 6. If you have a business that will benefit from more visitors to Kapiti Island is it a good idea to have a building to do Bio Security checks?

* 7. If you have a business that will benefit from more visitors to Kapiti Island is it a good idea to have a building to provide information about our area and Kapiti Island???

* 8. If you believe we need a building (Bio Security HUB) when do we need it????

* 9. As any new building will represent Kapiti tourism as a whole.  What kind of building do you think we should have for our Kapiti Island Visitor / Bio Security Hub?

* 10. Is it importance to you that we have a Kapiti Island Visitor / Bio Security Hub at Paraparaumu Beach for:

* 11. Would you like to see a design for the Kapiti Island Visitor / Bio Security Hub building

* 12. If KCDC won Lotto today what would you want the money spent on????

* 13. Please enter your name and contact details if you would like to know the results of this survey