1. Living Room Chat

As you conduct your living room chat, use the form below to document responses. For questions 3-9, you may record multiple responses but only record those responses that have broad consensus within your living room chat. Thank you for your participation! 

* 1. Enter the date your living room chat was held:

Date / Time

* 2. Enter the number of people participating in your living room chat:

* 3. What parts of Gwinnett County's past should be preserved into the future?

* 4. What made you excited to move to Gwinnett County?

* 5. What are your favorite things about Gwinnett County today?

* 6. What is the single biggest obstacle facing Gwinnett County right now?

* 7. What kinds of places do you visit or want to visit, but do not exist in Gwinnett County?

* 8. If you owned a plot of land in your community, what would you build on it?

* 9. Thinking forward to the year 2040, what kind of community do you want to live in?