Thank you for taking the time to look at our survey on the potential developments along Guernsey's East Coast, between the Aquarium and Salerie Corner and between Longue Hougue and the Vale Castle.  To find out more about us, see our video 

The States of Guernsey are preparing a Local Planning Brief for the St Peter Port and St Sampson Harbour Action Areas. Once approved, the Local Planning Brief will set the planning policies guiding the form of development along the East coast. The Guernsey Development Agency have been asked to provide input into the early stages of the preparation of the Local Planning Brief for the Harbour Action Areas and we would like to hear the public’s views on what they think should be prioritised, so that these ideas can be fed into the formal process of preparing the Local Planning Brief.

Your input into this survey allows data lead decisions on everything from signage changes to new housing opportunities. 
The GDA has 5 key objectives
1: Provide infrastructure that protects Guernsey’s East Coast and harbours from current and future environmental threats.​ (e.g. flooding)

2: Provide infrastructure to develop modern and resilient harbours (taking into account Guernsey’s future harbour requirements, both in terms of operational requirements and the wider redevelopment of the east coast) which create opportunities to provide improved social, economic and environmental infrastructure.​

3: Provide transport infrastructure which improves transport connectivity and choice, within and between the main Centres.​

4: Provide infrastructure that supports Guernsey’s housing requirements.​

5: Provide infrastructure that supports existing business activity and creates economic opportunities.

These objectives should be delivered whilst being as cost neutral to the States as possible.

This survey is produced in collaboration with the States of Guernsey and Tibbalds Planning and Urban Design (who have been appointed to prepare a Local Planning Brief for the St Peter Port and St Sampson Harbour Action Areas).

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