The Greenville Sports Complex (previously known as the Field of Dreams) is a 77 acre parcel which was purchased by the Town of Greenville in 2004 for the purpose of developing a future athletic complex. The original Master Plan was completed in 2006 and in the 10 years since the plan was completed, two areas totaling approximately 13 acres have been seeded in turf and are currently being used by the Fox Cities United Soccer Club. The Sports Complex Committee was formed with the task of reviewing and updating the current master plan. The committee will look at changes to the property, current uses, projected uses and community needs to determine what updates need to be made to the plan. This survey will help the committee gauge the community’s needs and assist in updating the master plan.

1. How often do you or members of your household visit or utilize any of Greenville’s parks, trails or programs?

2. What activities, facilities or programs does your household use the parks/trails for? (Check all that apply)

3. If you haven’t used the park facilities or trails, what has prevented you from doing so? (Check all that apply or skip if does not apply)

4. How familiar are you with the Greenville Sports Complex, also known as "Field of Dreams," property?

5. How do you feel about the name “Greenville Sports Complex” for this park property? (Please explain or provide name suggestions in comments)

6. What level of importance should the Town put in developing the following facilities on the Greenville Sports Complex property?

  Very Important Somewhat Important Not Sure Not Important
Walking/Biking Trails
Outdoor Fitness Stations
Baseball/Softball fields
Soccer Fields
Football Fields
Indoor Athletic Facility
Community Garden
Natural Areas
Nature Trails
Dog Park
Skate Park
Community Center
Senior Center
Outdoor Aquatic Center
Splash Pad
Picnic Shelter/Areas
Tennis Courts
Basketball Courts
Volleyball Courts
Disc Golf Course

8. Would you support selling the naming rights of this park if the opportunity were to arise?

9. Are you a Greenville resident?

10. How long have you lived in Greenville?

11. What is your age?

12. What is your gender?

13. If you have children in your household, what are their ages and how many do you have? (Check all age groups that apply)

14. Please share any comments that you think will be helpful in determining a new master plan for the Greenville Sports Complex.