The Green Skills Mapping Survey forms part of the Understanding green skills in the mer sector project, developed by merSETA in partnership with Stellenbosch University, to advance a shared understanding of green economy concepts, green economy activities/jobs, and green skills within the mer sector.

Green jobs in the mer sector relate to developing and adopting renewable sources of energy; reducing consumption of energy, fossil fuels and raw materials; enhancing energy and resource efficiency; decreasing waste and pollution, and recycling materials (merSETA, 2013). These activities also pertain to processes; value chains; infrastructure; products; services; workplace practices; job profiles; and product design (ILO, 2017; EMCO, 2010).
Green skills development is recognised as crucial for unlocking the potential of green jobs and incorporates the knowledge, abilities, values, attitudes and approaches needed to inform, shape or guide the transition to a green economy (Cedefop, 2018).

The purpose of the survey is to identify the range of current green skills training being offered by merSETA accredited training providers and other institutions and to identify the opportunities, challenges, and resource requirements for developing new green skills training offerings relevant to the mer sector. Respondents will remain anonymous . 

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