The Green Orchestral Charter has been developed by the Association of British Orchestras, Orchestras Live, and Julie’s Bicycle.

It is aimed at Orchestras, Concert Halls, Promoters, Agents and others working in the orchestral sector in the UK.

For a PDF copy of the full charter, please visit the Julie's Bicycle website.

To sign up to the charter, please fill out the details requested below. By signing this Charter you are making a commitment to address environmental sustainability within your organisation. The Charter should be adopted by your board and senior management. You will be issued with a Green Charter signatory certificate for display, and your organisation will be publicly listed as a signatory online from later this year (exact date TBC).


"We commit to recognising environmental sustainability in our planning, performance and promotion of orchestral music in the UK first and, as a joined community, we all agree to using the following four principles of good environmental stewardship: Commitment, Measuring, Improving, Communicating."


* 1. Organisation

* 2. Contact Details

Please note: we will be in touch at least once a year to ask for updates on any environmental initiatives you are undertaking. Julie's Bicycle will not share your contact details with any third parties.

* 3. Is your organisation a...

* 4. Are you an Arts Council England NPO (and therefore subject to Arts Council England environmental reporting requirements)?

* 5. Please briefly outline any environmental sustainability initiatives already in place at your organisation (for example: what impacts you are measuring, energy saving or waste reduction policies in the office, travel initiatives, staff engagement, etc).
Include any links to environmental policies or related information on your website where possible.

If none, state "None" and move on to question 5.

* 6. Please briefly outline any new environmental sustainability initiatives you are planning to put into place before the end of your current financial year (or, if at year end, in the coming year).

Please note: while signatories should display some engagement with environmental sustainability within their organisation in accordance with the four principles of commitment, measurement, improvement and understanding, this is not judgment hour. Any information you supply will be invaluable in allowing us to build a picture of where the sector stands with respect to environmental sustainability, find candidates for best practice case studies, and inform future support and actions.

However, please remember that by signing this Charter you are making a commitment to address environmental sustainability within your organisation - see the full text of the charter available from the Julie's Bicycle, Orchestras Live, and ABO websites - and as such we will expect to see progressive engagement over time.

* 7. Are you a member (full/affiliate/associate/etc) of the Association of British Orchestras (ABO)?

* 8. Are you an Orchestras Live partner?

* 9. What month does your organisational year end? (We'd like to contact you for updates on your environmental initiatives as close to this date as possible.)

Thank you for your time and commitment.

Next steps and support are provided within the charter itself, at the Julie’s Bicycle website under Orchestras , and in the Green Orchestras Guide (2010).

If you have any further questions, please e-mail