Thank you for participating in this community assessment! Your data will allow us to create a snapshot of summer youth programs in Atlanta.

We consider a program to be an ongoing series of planned activities around a common theme(s), focus area(s) or outcomes i.e. a summer reading program. A site is the physical location where the program typically happens. A program can happen at one site or multiple sites. A site may have more than one program running at the same time. You should complete one survey for each program you run between May and August 2018.

If you are unsure of what a program refers to, think about age groups and outcomes. If you serve youth K-12 with the same outcome of academic and physical enrichment, then that is one program. If you serve K-5 with a focus on reading, 6-8 on math, and 9-12 on ACT/College Readiness, then that is three different programs even if they take place at the same site.

Questions to determine if you are the correct person to fill out the survey:
          1.  Are you familiar with the purpose and schedules of all summer programs that your organization implemented in 2018?
          2. Can you access demographic information about the students served?
          3. Are you familiar with each program’s funding and budget?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to every question, you have the appropriate information to fill out this survey.