Nomination Description and Contact Information


A great boss or supervisor supports, inspires and pushes others towards excellence.  A great boss is an effective communicator, passionate, intuitive and resourceful. And finally, a great boss is truly committed to developing the careers of the people they supervise.

Does a great boss supervise you? Here’s a chance to give them the recognition they deserve and the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network RVA (YNPN RVA) wants to give you the platform to acknowledge them. 

Please fill out the information about you and your boss/supervisor through the below survey and short essay (4 questions only).  The Great Nonprofit Bosses will be recognized by YNPN RVA at our Celebration Event on November 1st from 6pm to 8pm at the Hippodrome Speakeasy.

The short essay questions are (max 200 words):

1) How does your Boss/Supervisor create a positive and inclusive work environment?

2) Share an example of your Boss/Supervisor going above and beyond to help your organization achieve its mission. 

3) In what ways does your Boss/Supervisor help develop the talents of those he or she supervises, particularly those who are young and early in their career? 

4) Tell us about the qualities that make your Boss/Supervisor an effective leader.

Questions about nominations? Email Michael Parsons at or call him at (804) 410-5898. 

**We will send the nominee a notification along with an invitation to be a part of our celebration event that will take place on November 1st from 6pm to 8pm at the Hippodrome Speakeasy.

* 1. Name and Contact Information of Your Nonprofit Boss/Supervisor

* 2. Your Name and Contact Information

* 3. Would you like your nomination to be anonymous?