Welcome to Research Services - Grants Unit feedback survey

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Research Services (formerly Research Branch), within the Division of Research & Innovation, provides advice and support for University researchers and their sponsors. 
The Grants Unit is the part of Research Services responsible for:
  • Helping researchers find and apply for research funding opportunities offered by external sponsors in the form of competitive grants, fellowships and other awards
  • Grant administration (pre- and post-award)
As part of an ongoing project to upgrade our research management database to ResearchMaster 6 (RME6), new e-forms to manage the grant application process were launched in late 2016. The new Notification of Intent, Research Funding Request and Research Funding Acceptance e-forms have replaced the previous Grant Application Coversheet and Grant Acceptance Form.

Many researchers have submitted research grant applications to external sponsors since the beginning of the year. We understand that the process is laborious and stressful. We are seeking your feedback on the process of submitting an external research grant application through the Research Services Grants Unit, including the new processes that have recently taken effect.
We would appreciate if you could respond to a short 10 minute survey.
If you have any questions please contact researchgrants@adelaide.edu.au