Connecting old Buffalo to new arrivers, from refugees and immigrants to students at Buffalo State, the historic Grant Street fuses the best of Buffalo, with businesses forming the bedrock of community vibrancy. The modes of travel on Grant Street are as eclectic as the residents themselves.

Based on counts conducted by GObike Buffalo on Grant Street at Lafayette, more than 1100 pedestrians and 300 cyclists pass by this intersection per day. The average daily bus ridership is 4,000 people per day in the Grant Street corridor, according to NFTA ridership data.

The purpose of this project is to align the streetscape to support the residents, community, and businesses in the Grant Street area. We need your feedback to inform the project—outlined in the questions below.

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* 1. Check any that apply to your relationship to Grant Street.

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* 2. Can you rate your comfort level when you are walking and / or biking in the Grant Street neighborhood?

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* 3. Traffic speed in the Grant Street neighborhood tends to be...