Old Grammar School Property Conversion

The property located at 401 S. College Street in Covington (bordered by W. Church Street to the north, Green Street to the west, Seminary Avenue to the south, and S. College Street to the east) received approximately $32,000 in federal grant funds in 1978 to construct tennis courts, among other things. Upon accepting those grant funds the 4.2 acre site was restricted in its use in perpetuity. Which simply means, from that time forward the site could only be used for public outdoor recreation. The City of Covington cannot demolish the old grammar school building (which is in a state of significant disrepair) or use the property for any other use without completing a "conversion" with the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation. Please complete the survey below to help City leaders and State officials see what the will of the citizens of the City of Covington is for this property.

* 1. In the past 2 years, how often have you or those in your family used the tennis courts and/or the basketball area at the Old Grammar School property?

* 2. Are you in favor of demolishing the Old Grammar School building so the site can be used for other purposes?

* 3. Are you in favor of moving the outdoor recreation areas located on this property (tennis courts and basketball area) so that a new police facility can be constructed on this property?

* 4. If the City proceeds with a conversion of the Old Grammar School property other property in the city must be designated for public outdoor recreation. Given this requirement, are you in favor of proceeding with a conversion of this property?

* 5. If the City of Covington proceeds with a conversion of the Old Grammar School property the tennis courts and basketball area will be demolished, and new courts will be constructed to take their place. Where do you think these new courts should be located?

* 6. Please tell us your thoughts, comments or suggestions on a conversion of the Old Grammar School property, constructing a new police facility on that site, and/or public recreation needs you see in the City of Covington.

* 7. Are you a resident of the City of Covington?

* 8. What is your gender?

* 9. What is your age?

* 10. Do you have any children under 18?