1. Grade 10 BWET Pre-assessment

Sturgis Charter School is most fortunate to have been awarded a grant by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to apply our classroom learning to a natural laboratory, the estuarine environment of Town Neck Beach, Sandwich. This is a brand-new program being developed by your science teachers! The results of this program will be shared nationwide and perhaps act as an educational model for other schools.
This survey is to identify what you already know about the topics that are the focus of our B-Wet (Bay Watershed Education Training) program. You will take a similar survey after your field trip. Data from these surveys will help us determine in what areas our program was successful and where we need to improve. Each year, your feedback will be instrumental in making this new program the best it can be.
So please, take the survey seriously and answer all the questions as best you can. If you have any comments or questions, you may contact me at cgallo@sturgischarterschool.org
Thanks- Mrs. Gallo, Science Lead Teacher and B-Wet Program Co-ordinator

* 1. How long have you lived on Cape Cod (or Plymouth area)?

* 2. How many times a year to you go to the beach?

* 3. How many school field trips (not including this one) have you gone on this school year?

* 4. How many school field trips did you go on last year?

* 5. How would you classify those trips? Check all that apply.

* 6. How many school field trips have you ever gone on to study a natural environment?

* 7. Have you ever used Google Earth?

* 8. Have you ever used datalogger technology such as Vernier labQuests?

* 9. How comfortable are you with using Microsoft excel?

* 10. Have you ever used a data managing program other than MS excel?

* 11. If you have used another data managing program, please name it below.

* 12. How much do you know about Estuaries?

* 13. Please rank the following topics by how much you feel you know about them.

  No knowledge A little bit A good amount A lot
Natural selection
Physical and behavioral adaptations to an environment
Cape Cod animal and plant populations
Invasive species
Ecological roles of organisms
Trophic levels
Energy flow through an ecosystem
Food chains
Food webs
Symbiotic relationships

* 14. Is there anything you would really like to learn about the Town Neck Beach and the organisms that inhabit it?