Welcome to Grace Church Sunday Schedule Survey

This confidential survey its meant to collect information regarding parishioner interests related to our Sunday service schedule. As we continue to work to make Grace's Sunday schedule as responsive to individual's and family's needs as possible we are asking that you take this short survey to help guide adjustments to service design. Additionally, there will be live discussion sessions on Sunday 7th January and Sunday 21st January to provide further opportunities for parishioner input.

Our Challenge for Sundays at Grace: There are a series of interests that we are attempting to attend to that have been identified through discussions and meetings since we extended the 'summer schedule'. As planned, we have also been collecting information on actual parishioner patterns of participation in the current schedule. As you might imagine it is quite a challenge to attend to all interests in the time available on Sunday mornings. For context, as you take this survey here is a list of interests expressed by parishioners and staff:
·      Clergy have time to interact with parishioners during coffee hour

·      Children have time to participate in both Sunday School and choir

·     Sunday School teachers are able to fit volunteer teaching into their overall family’s personal Sunday schedule

·      Families with children have time to participate in Sunday activities given post-church commitments

·      Parishioners from all morning services have opportunities to meet and socialize with one another at coffee hour

·      Adequate time for Adult Forums, communication and parishioner discussion of key matters

·      Time for adult education sessions for those who cannot attend sessions during the week

·      Time for youth education sessions that meet practical Sunday time constraints of our youth

·      Time for children to have snacks and a little social time in addition to attending Sunday school

·      Most efficient management of coffee hour resources given limited number of volunteers

·     Liturgical and service options that meet various parishioner preferences