Your views

Your views and input are important to us. In order to continually develop and improve, we would be grateful if you could complete this short survey.

You should answer each question by clicking on the button that most closely represents your view on the statement presented.

* 1. The school helps my child to be more confident

* 2. My child enjoys learning at school

* 3. My child’s learning is progressing well

* 4. My child is encouraged and stretched to work to the best of their ability

* 5. The school keeps me well informed about my child’s progress

* 6. My child feels safe at school

* 7. My child is treated fairly at school

* 8. I feel staff really know my child as an individual and support them well

* 9. My child benefits from school clubs and activities provided outside the classroom

* 10. The school asks for my views

* 11. The school takes my views into account

* 12. The school is well led

* 13. Overall, I am happy with the school

* 14. Overall I am satifsied with the revised format of Parents' consultation evenings

* 15. Overall I am satifsied with the information I receive on my child's progress through target setting reports

* 16. Can you suggest how we could improve our engagement with Parents

* 17. Any other comments (optional)