June 29th, 2017, 5:00-8:00 PM
Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Hall

* 1. A lot of people we have talked to have a personal or family connection to the Grace Hospital site (i.e. “I was born there”); if you have a personal or family connection to the site, could you please share it with us?

* 2. What would be your idea to celebrate the history of the Grace Hospital site through a redevelopment project?

* 3. We feel this is a unique site in the context of the Hillhurst Sunnyside community. What would be your idea to enhance the presence of the site through a redevelopment project?

* 4. The vision that has guided our approach to the potential redevelopment of the Grace site pursues a community of care, as follows: “The Riley Park Health Centre is a unique and one-of-a-kind landmark site in the vibrant community of Hillhurst -  Sunnyside that celebrates healthy living, intergenerational interaction and socialization, education, recreation, nature, culture and history. By celebrating these connections, the Riley Park Health Centre strengthens the local community and acts as a precedent-setting example for comprehensively planned health campuses in Calgary.”

What are your thoughts about this vision statement?

* 5. The Hillhurst Sunnyside Area Redevelopment Plan envisions a variety of mixed land uses on the Grace Hospital site, including medical office uses, various residential types, and supporting commercial and retail uses. Our approach considers these mixed-use approaches as well. What balance of mixed uses would you consider appropriate for the site and its urban context?

* 6. The location and various amenities around the site indicate that this site could potentially accommodate higher density, and density could take different built forms. What are your thoughts about building height and site coverage?

* 7. Transportation/mobility and parking have been identified as key issues to review when considering a redevelopment project on this site. What are your thoughts regarding in and out access routes and parking provision to be considered for the site?

* 8. How can a redevelopment project on the Grace Hospital site strengthen its connection to Riley Park?

* 9. Additional Comments?