The naming of a new parish is an exciting part of becoming one and we would like all registered parishioners of St. Catherine of Sweden and St. Richard to be involved in this important process.  Please take some time to prayerfully reflect on a new name, and carefully consider the reasons for proposing the name.  The proposed name must meet the criteria outlined below.  You will be asked to submit your rationale along with a suggested name.  Your rationale is an important component as it provides clarity and explanation for the recommendation.  Also, please include your name and email address, which will be used to verify your status as a registered parishioner.  Deadline for this survey is July 7, 2020

When considering a new parish name, please make sure that the name meets the following criteria. 

  1.   Any proposed name should be taken from:

        a.    the Most Holy Trinity;

        b.    Our Lord Jesus Christ, invoked under a mystery of his life or under his name as used in the                          liturgy or Scripture;

        c.     the Holy Spirit;

        d.    the Blessed Virgin Mary under a given title already found in the liturgy;

        e.    the holy angels;

        f.     a saint from the list found in the Church’s calendar of memorials and feasts;

        g.    all names of those who are beatified or named “blessed”. 

  2.    Please do not choose a name that is already used many times in the diocese. 

  3.    Hyphenated names of our current parishes (i.e. St. Catherine of Sweden and St. Richard) are not permitted. 

  4.    Also, do not include the names of other parishes, Catholic or non-Catholic, in or near our area to avoid any confusion. 

  5.    In addition, we cannot include the following names because parish grouping since 2016 mergers have already selected them: Saint Aidan; Saint Andrew the Apostle; Archangel Gabriel; Blessed Trinity; Christ the Divine Shepherd; Christ Our Savior; Corpus Christi; Divine Mercy; Divine Redeemer; Guardian Angels; Holy Family; Holy Spirit; Saint Isidore the Farmer; Saint James; Saint John XXIII; Saint Joseph the Worker; Saint Katharine Drexel; Saint Mary Magdalene; Mary, Mother of God; Saint Matthias; Saint Michael the Archangel; Most Precious Blood of Jesus; Saint Oscar Romero; Our Lady of the Lakes; Our Lady of Mount Carmel; Saint Paul Cathedral; Saint Paul of the Cross; Saint Philip; Saint Teresa of Kolkata; Saint Thomas the Apostle and Triumph of the Holy Cross.   

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